My 2 dogs: Lola and Teddy
My 2 dogs: Lola and Teddy

Wendy St. Pierre


I’ve had dogs my entire life. They share their love unconditionally and I can’t live without that. Caring for these precious animals has become my passion. Earning their respect and providing a service that allows me to make their lives better while allowing my creative side to emerge  is a dream come true.

My experience consists of 3 years of hands on training and teaching in the corporate industry. I was the salon manager and mentor to my staff. I’m certified in special handling and breed standard haircuts. I belong to the New England Pet Professional Grooming Association and I attend every show that I can. I’ve attended a private day long class with Sue Secco, one of the top master groomers in the industry. I attended the Hershey Pennsylvania Groom Expo, the largest grooming conference in the country. I attended the New England show last year that provided an 8 hour class in Asian Fusion Styling an up and coming stylish flare that creates that stuffed animal look.

I will be attending Intergroom in New Jersey this summer and again off to Hershey in the fall. Every show is packed with a full schedule of classes.  I believe that constant continued education is crucial in this industry to provide the cutting edge of hair styles and the education on skin care and health issues that groomers should know. We see your pet more than the Vet does so having the knowledge to spot skin issues could and has saved lives.

I love what I do and will do this as long as my body will allow it.