Grooming Services

An illustration of a cute cartoon dog mascot character having a bath in a bubble bath with back scrubber

The All-Inclusive Spa Package



  • Pet consultation (this will ensure that I understand what your wishes are)
  • Nails clipped and buffed
  • Ears cleaned and plucked if needed
  • Hair between pads of feet trimmed
  • Sanitary trim of belly and rear
  • Anal glands checked and expressed if requested.
  • Tearless shampoo on head
  • Warm bath with premium shampoo and deep protein conditioning
  • Luxury blueberry facial
  • Air-fluff drying with complete brush and comb out
  • Haircut specific to breed or your individual preference
  • Teeth brushing
  • Scented cologne
  • Bow or bandana

– Special issues are priced per dog
– Appointments take approximately 90 minutes barring that the pet is not excessively matted and is well behaved for grooming.

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Here Comes the Groom is a full service mobile grooming salon. I come to you with everything I need, provided there is a place to park (approx. 32′ needed).